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Today, TSI is a premium brand in all travel related services in the sub continent. Over the past few years, TSI has gone from strength to strength, winning awards and has established an undisputed reputation for its excellence in services. At TSI, every incentive is handled with the highest level of professionalism and the most intricate planning. TSI-Luxury Holidays represents reliability, knowledge, creativity and an excellent service.

Incentive travel can be used to encourage your valued customers, inspire prospective clients or partners or motivate your employees by showing your appreciation. Nothing motivates and inspires more than travel. And India is a very inspiring country with all the facilities for a successful incentive; culture, nature, beaches, beautiful hotels, delicious food and unforgettable experiences.


We offer tailor made incentives that will suit you and the needs of your group, working closely with you, and within your budget.

We can offer incentives with the following themes:

Art, Crafts and Architecture | Religion | Food | Coffee, Tea & Spices | Spa | Fairs & Festivals | History | Wildlife | Mindfulness & Spirituality | Responsible Tourism

But maybe you want to give your incentive another theme or your wishes are totally different. Everything is possible and we look forward to think with you to create the perfect incentive. An example of a recently organized incentive:


TSI-Luxury Holidays organized an incentive for Micro Credits for Mothers, a Dutch foundation that provides women in Asia with small loans. The loans allow for investments with which these women can obtain a sustainable way to make a living. TSI Luxury Holidays was involved in the organization of the tour Female Leadership Journey. A Life Changing Tour for businesspersons with a combination of the following themes: religion, food, mindfulness & spirituality and responsible tourism.


Just contact us for more information at tsi@tsimails.comáorámdoffice@tsimails.com