Kabini is one of the most popular wildlife destinations of Karnataka, probably because of its easy accessibility, lush green landscape surrounding a large picturesque lake, and fantastic sights of large herds of elephants. It is 80 km away from Mysore and 205 km from Bangalore, and comprises the southeastern part of Nagarahole National Park. Situated on the banks of the Kabini River, this forest reserve is spread over 55 acres of forestland, steep valleys, and water bodies.


Once a private hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore, Kabini was a popular hunting (shikar) hotspot for British Viceroys and Indian royalty. Now it is considered as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, famous for its spectacular wildlife and bird life. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary houses a number of endangered and rare species of animals. Some of the animals found here are leopard, panther, sambhar, spotted deer, cheetal, panther and 250 species of birds. The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as one of the best bird sanctuaries in India. The water body inside the forest is unique to the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. The dam across the river near Beechanahalli adds beauty to the wildlife reserve. Major activities to be done in Kabini are Wildlife Safaris, Boating, bird watching, Nature walks, Bicycle trails, bonfires and tribal village. The best time to visit the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is October to May. During summer, animals in large numbers gather near the lake. It is best to avoid visiting the sanctuary between June and September as the region experiences heavy rainfall during this time of the year.