Located 949m above sea level in South India on the Deccan Plateau, Bangalore enjoys a salubrious climate throughout the year. The city has spacious gardens, parks, tree-lined avenues, and a profusion of flowering trees, lakes and parks, earning it the sobriquet of “Garden City.”


The once-sedate cantonment settlement of the British has now spread way beyond the mud fort and the four towers constructed by Kempegowda in 1537. With its booming economy and racy lifestyle, the capital of Karnataka has metamorphosed from a sleepy Garden City into one of India’s fastest growing, accommodating, technophiliac, and cosmopolitan cities. Bangalore is a city of contrasts, going by several other aliases: India’s Silicon Valley, Pub City, Shopper’s Paradise, Garden City, Air-conditioned City, Gourmet’s Delight, Pub Hopper’s Paradise and Shopper’s Hot Spot. The city not only plays host to several international IT companies, public sector enterprises, defence organizations, and reputed educational and research institutions, but also lays claim to be the hub of India’s emerging biotech industry.


Bangalore has lots to offer – a rich cultural heritage, historic monuments, cultural centers, traditional arts and crafts stores, exotic cuisine, and friendly people. Amusement parks, country clubs, resorts, golf courses, cyber cafes, pubs, discos, bowling alleys, billiard halls, pool parlors, bustling shopping malls, high-rise apartments and sophisticated hotels together form the new face of Bangalore. Infotainment, entertainment, science and technology parks and wildlife safari parks all merge into a vibrant, richly textured modern metropolis. Today, from a pensioner’s paradise, it has transformed into one of the hottest destination for young people chasing their dreams in IT, BPO, Biotechnology or knowledge management. The major attractions in Bangalore are Vidhan Soudha, TipuÆs Palace, Bangalore Palace, Lalbagh Garden, Bull Temple, Ulsoor Lake etc. Surrounded by weekend getaways, Bangalore makes an ideal hub for visitors who want to travel to hill stations and coastal towns of South India.